Zara, Armani anxious from new Cattle slaughter ban

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New Delhi, May 30, 2017: After Beef festival observed all across the country in protest against the Union government’s new cattle slaughter ban, now the international fashion houses is in fear of losing their manufactured goods.

Global brands such as Zara, Marks & Spencer, Prada, Hugo Boss and Armani, or their agents, have started contacting suppliers in India, inquiring whether they would be able to meet their commitments on supplying footwear, handbags, jackets, belts and other products.

The suppliers, many of them running small scale units, fear the government new law will cause a big hole in India’s $13 billion-a-year leather industry, as a lump of the business may shift to Bangladesh or they may have to spend more to import raw material.

The Union Environment Ministry on May 27 modified the animal cruelty rules, making it mandatory to ensure all kinds of cattle are not bought or sold with a purpose of slaughtering.

As the ministry notified the Prevention of Cruelty to Animal (Regulation of Livestock Markets) Rules-2017, it asserted that the aim is to regulate the animal market and prevent cruelty.

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