‘You’re targeting judges, destroying the institution’: SC judge Arun Mishra to lawyers

supreme court 1

New Delhi, May 10: Expressing displeasure over lawyers publicly targeting judges, a Supreme Court judge on Wednesday said they were “destroying the institution” and reminded advocates that “they will survive only if this institution survives”.

According to the Indian Express, Justice Arun Mishra, who accompanied with Justice U U Lalit was hearing a case related to admissions to two medical colleges in Kerala, came up with these remarks when a group of senior lawyers kept pressing their case.

On April 5, the bench had stayed an ordinance issued by Kerala that regularised admissions to the two medical institutions.

“When a judgment is passed, you go to this TV, that TV and discuss court proceedings. Every day this is happening. Who is spared in this court? Every judge is targeted. By one arrow you want to kill all. You people are destroying this institution. If this institution is destroyed, then you people won’t survive,” Justice Mishra stated.


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