‘Youngsters’ idea of Smart Anna Bhandar will help farmers’: PM Modi

PM Narendra modi

New Delhi, June 6 : While interacting with young innovators and startup entrepreneurs via NaMo App, Prime Minister Narendra Modi praised Youngsters’ idea of creating Smart Anna Bhandar and said India has distinguished itself in the global start-up eco-system.”

Modi said startups were no longer confined to big cities only.”Smaller towns and villages are emerging as vibrant startup centres,” he added.

He also said that India has distinguished itself in the global startup eco-system.

PM Modi said, “We in the Government understand that youngsters may face shortage of funds for their startups. That is why a ‘fund of funds’ has been started by the Government to facilitate more youngsters to innovate and ideate.” He also said that the Government e-Marketplace (GeM) platform has been linked to startup India.

Lauding the efforts made by the young generation of India, PM Modi said, “Youngsters are talking about the idea of a Smart Anna Bhandar, which will help farmers.” “Our start-ups are growth engines. Today’s big companies were start-ups at some point. I urge the people of India to keep innovating. If we do not innovate, we will stagnate,” he said.

Modi interacted with thousands of youngsters who have made it big in the startup sector and said it is the youth who have turned out to be the “job creators” of the nation.

Describing India as a “youthful nation”, Modi said the government is committed to “harnessing of the demographic dividend”.

Video conferencing on the NaMo app, the Prime Minister underlined that adequate capital, courage and connecting with people are required for excelling in the startup sector.

“There was a time when startups meant only digital and tech innovation. Things are changing now. We are seeing start-up entrepreneurs in different fields,” he said.


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