Youngsters going for virtual world rapidly: Filmmaker Amole Gupte

Amole gupte

Mumbai, Aug 4: Filmmaker Amole Gupte, former chairperson of Children’s Film Society, India (CFSI), says youngsters are indulging more in virtual world due to lonely life.

Gupte is known for his writing skills like “Taare Zameen Par” and projects like “Stanley Ka Dabba” and “Hawa Hawai”.

The case of a 14-year old Mumbai schoolboy Manpreet Singh Sahani, who reportedly took his own life as part of a deadly online social media game called The Blue Whale challenge, has raised many questions.

Gupte says he does not know much about the case but its “sad and scary at the same time”.

“In today’s day and age, we are living two lives and one of them is the virtual life. We are getting imprisoned in our own selves. And our children are growing lonely. Therefore, they are trying to find happiness in the virtual world. They have taken that world too seriously,” he added.

“Imagine how lonely he was growing up. He might have no one when he was four or five years old to tell stories and mythology that our generation has grown up with. They are losing their innocence faster.”

“Parents are not focusing on their (the children’s) emotional quotient, but only intellectual growth. So what do you expect a child to do Living in the virtual world has gone to the next level of addiction, and it is sickness now.”

“It is a worldwide problem. You know, Japan has the lowest youth ratio in the world. The average age of Japanese population is between 45 to 55. People do not get married and do not want to come to the social system… They are so engrossed in the virtual world, apart from their career building.”

“Virtual world has become the real world for many people, especially younger generation.”

Asked about a possible solution, Gupte said: “I think spending time with each other is the best way to deal with it. These days parents are not spending enough time with their kids, they are lonely, so are their kids.”

“The more you spend time with your kids, you get to know each other’s world, there will be a social engagement.”

The filmmaker is working on his next directorial venture “Sniff”, a film that revolves around the story of a little boy who has smell disorder. It is releasing on August 25.

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