You can break our statues but not our spirit: Communist party on Tripura violence


Communist leaders on Tuesday condemned the violence in Tripura, which took place after two days of the massive victory of BJP in the assembly elections.

Speaking on the demolition of Lenin’s statue and attacks on Communist party’s offices in Tripura, CPI(M) leader, D Raja said these kinds of violence are not acceptable in a democracy.

The Rajya Sabha MP also said, ” We are a multi-party democracy, some parties win and some lose, does not mean they can resort to vandalism & violence like the demolition of Lenin statue will take place.”

“Law needs to take its course,” he added.

Former Rajya Sabha member and CPI(M) leader, Sitaram Yechury attacked RSS and BJP over the violence in Tripura. The leader said,”BJP-RSS’s inclination towards violence is clear after what happened in Tripura, without violence they have no future.”

Yechury also claimed that Tripura’s people will answer them.

Two days since the Tripura Assembly election results were announced, where BJP ended the Left’s 25-year rule, the north-eastern state is witnessing incidents of violence. The outgoing party CPI(M) accused BJP workers of attacking their party offices. A Lenin’s statue was also allegedly demolished by BJP workers in the state.


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