Yogi’s ‘attendance by selfie’ app threatens privacy of women teachers

Yogi Adityanth

Lucknow, Aug 30 The Uttar Pradesh government’s much-publicised ‘Prerna’ app, that allows teachers to mark their attendance by clicking a selfie in government schools, has run into trouble.

The Prathmik Shikshak Sangh has said that the mobile application threatens the privacy of women teachers and is a violation of their fundamental right. Women teachers are unsure about the use of their photographs on the app, which has already been tested in some districts.

The apex body of government primary school teachers is preparing to launch a statewide agitation against the app on September 4, a day before the Yogi Adityanath government launches it on September 5 to ensure that teachers and students regular attend school.

To mark her presence in school, the app requires teachers to click a selfie thrice a day with their students and forward it to the concerned officials.

“The photographs of female teachers can be leaked and misused, jeopardising their lives. This is a breach of their right to privacy. Who will take the responsibility if their photographs are misused?” asked Sushil Kumar Pandey, state President of the Sangh.

“These days one hears of photographs being morphed. Moreover, it is not a very practical idea to click a selfie with students as a mark of attendance. The internet services are erratic and how can one be marked absent just because he or she has not uploaded a selfie?” asked a government primary school teacher in Lucknow.

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