Yogendra Yadav resigns from CSDS


New Delhi, Oct 5: Three days after taking over as national president of the newly-launched Swaraj India party, Yogendra Yadav on Wednesday resigned from the faculty position at the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies.

“I write to communicate my desire to resign from the faculty position at the Centre,” Yadav wrote in his resignation letter.

“The Centre has been very kind to grant me extra ordinary leave without pay until March 2017. I was told that i could extend it further. Instead, I would like to be relieved with effect from October 3, 2016,” he wrote.

He said, If there is a requirement of serving a notice before resignation, kindly consider this letter as the formal notice for the period prescribed by the rules.

“As you know, activists from all over the country came together on 2nd October and formed a political party, Swaraj India. I have been asked to serve as the first President of this party. This responsibility requires undivided attention and commitment from me,” he said in the statement.


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