Yoga helps to control diabetes, says Modi


Prime Minister Narendra Modi while addressing a gathering of yoga enthusiasts in Chandigarh on Tuesday said that Yoga can control diabetes if not eliminate it.

The prime minister asserted that a public movement should be begin through yoga to address the problem of diabetes in our country.

He urged those pursuing yoga to focus on the subject of diabetes before the third event of the UN-recognized day is celebrated next year.Yoga-wefornews“This should be the main focus for the whole year. The number of diabetes cases is increasing. I don’t know if we can eliminate diabetes through yoga but we can definitely control it,” Modi said.

“If through yoga we can give relief to a small percentage of people suffering from diabetes this year, we can we pick up another disease next year.

“To ensure better health, we can address a new disease every year,” he said.

Wefornews Bureau

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