Yoga Day rehearsal creates traffic mess in Delhi

Traffic Jam

New Delhi, June 20 : The rehearsals ahead of International Yoga Day hit the traffic movement hard in Delhi on Monday as the commuters were stuck in the traffic logjams for a long time.

According to Delhi traffic control room, massive traffic congestions were witnessed in and around Connaught Place, Mandi House-Barakhambha Road stretch, Gole Dak Khana and near India Gate in central Delhi.

“I remained stuck in a traffic jam for over half an hour near Gole Dak Khana in central Delhi. It was a nightmarish experience as it took me 45 minutes to reach Raisina Road from Gole Dak Khana. It was because of Yoga Day rehearsal in Connaught place,” Satyanarayan Rao, a commuter, told IANS.

According to the officials of the traffic department, the inner circle of Connaught Place was closed for vehicular movement owing to Yoga Day rehearsal there. The traffic was diverted to tributary roads.

“The peripheral road around India Gate was completely clogged. Traffic congestion was everywhere, be it Ashoka Road, Purana Qila Road and whoever went towa

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