Yeddyurappa’s diary reveals Modi govt’s bribery scam: Kapil Sibal

Kapil Sibal Press Conference

New Delhi, April 15 : Demanding answers from Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the bribery scandal involving top BJP leaders, Senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal on Monday showed pages of BS Yeddyurappa’s diary that reveals how Rs 1,800 crore were paid to the BJP’s top brass.

While addressing a press conference, Kapil Sibal said, “PM must spell out what actually happened and IT must probe the bribery scandal and Lokpal must take suo moto cognizance of this diary.”

Attacking Modi for boasting of delivering corruption free regime, senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal said, “Narendra Modi should come forward and clarify whether bribes to the tune of Rs 1,800 crore were taken by the top BJP leaders as mentioned in the diaries.”

He added “it is for the prime minister to say whether contents of the diaries are correct, and if they are not than the matter should be investigated.”

“We will show you the real Yeddyurappa diary today in video. This diary is of 2012. Approx Rs1,800 crore was given to BJP central committee. This is apt case for Lokpal. First, PM must seek explanation. If Yeddurappa is lying, he should be booked,” Sibal said that Lokpal should take suo moto cognizance of this diary.

Asking Modi to show his guts to probe corruption involving BJP leaders, Sibal said,”Just imagine if this diary would have been recovered from some Opposition leader. Agencies would have been unleashed. Media would have gone berserk. PM would have labelled us corrupt, dragged in our senior leadership.”

Attacking Modi, Sibal said, “Had such revelations been made about an Opposition leader, the ED, I-T dept would have descended on them. But since the allegations involve the BJP, there might be no action on this.”

“The authenticity of this diary which is signed by B S Yeddyuruppa, prima facie reflecting corruption of Rs 1800 crore up to the top notch echelons of BJP leadership, he said.

The Congress leader stated that now is the time that Income tax officials should go to these central ministers and investigate and ED should follow black money trail.

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