Yashwant Sinha criticises Modi over economy

Yashwant Sinha

New Delhi: Former Finance Minister Yashwant Sinha, a strong critic of the Narendra Modi government made a satirical remark against Prime Minister over the decline in economic growth rate as GDP growth between Jan 2020-March 2020 is 3.1%, lowest in 11 years.

The former finance and external affairs minister took to Twitter to express his views as the BJP and its leaders celebrated the completion of first year rule of Modi 2.0

“The sharp decline in economic growth rate in the first year of Modi-2 is not because of any fault of this govt but because of Pt Jawaharlal Nehru. If he had not ruled India from 1947 to 1964 India today would be growing at double digit,” former Union Minister Yashwant Sinha tweeted.

“The growth figures of earlier quarters of the last fiscal had to be revised downwards because of the lockdown imposed on March 25. The government cannot be blamed for this. I am warning all critics in advance,” he added.

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