Yashwant Sinha attacks Modi says,”I am the Bhishma and won’t let you ruin the economy”


Prime minister Narendra Modi on Wesnesday while addressing the Institute of companies secretaries on its jubilee programme told not to be a pessimist about the Indian economy and defined the critics as Shalya (a very pessimist character of Mahabharata).

Meanwhile in his counter-argument, the former finance minister and one of the critiques of the current economic condition of Indian economy Yashwant Sinha said, ” I am the Bhishma and I won’t let anybody to ruin the economy.”

Yashwant Sinha is making headlines almost every day with his comments on the degrading conditions of Indian economy. He also criticised Arun Jaitley for his incapabilities in handling the poor economy. However, in his reply to the former finance minister the current finance minister Jaitley termed Sinha as a job applicant at 80.

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