Would like to see Rahul Gandhi as Prime Minister, says Kulkarni

Rahul Gandhi , Kulkarni

New Delhi, June 19: BJP veteran L K Advani’s former aide Sudheendra Kulkarni said he would like to see Congress president Rahul Gandhi as the future prime minister who has the capability to solve “big problems” such as the Kashmir issue.

Highlighting the disputes with Pakistan and China, he said Prime Minister Narendra Modi has “failed” to solve the big problems.

Kulkarni made these remarks while addressing a panel discussion in Mumbai.

Hailing the Congress Chief, Kulkarni described Gandhi as a “leader with a good heart”.

We must state what is required for solving the problem with Pakistan. And which is why I made a suggestion that I would like to see Rahul Gandhi as future prime minister,” said Former top BJP advisor at the event organised by All India Professionals’ Congress.

“(Rahul Gandhi) is young and he is idealist. He is a man with compassion. No political leader in recent times had spoken the language of love, affection and compassion”.

As 2019 general elections are approaching, Kulkarni said Gandhi should visit neighbouring countries such as Pakistan, China and Bangladesh and emerge with ideas to resolve the “big problems”.

“Like Rajiv Gandhi did when he was in the opposition… He went to Afghanistan. Similarly, Rahul ji should go to Pakistan, China, Bangladesh and emerge as a leader with new ideas on how to solve big problems that Modi ji has failed to solve,”  stated.


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