World’s most expensive Hermès Birkin Bag sold for $380,000

world most expensive bag

Hong Kong, June 1: The world’s most expensive bag for $380,000 broke all records to attain the title.

An Hermès Birkin bag was sold for $380,000 in Hong Kong at an auction.

The bag is a specialty, dyed white “Himalaya” crocodile style encrusted with hundreds of diamonds, reported the AP. The exclusive style has 18-karat gold buckles and 205 diamonds decorating the strap.

The expensive Hermès Birkin bag was auctioned off by Christie’s. Initially, it was predicted to sell for between $193,000 and $258,000, but it soared well past that estimate, nearly doubling the low end of the range and skyrocketing past the high end.

According to the AP, the final price was reached after 10 to 15 minutes of “intense bidding in the auction room and from phone calls and online buyers.”

Birkin now holds the record for priciest arm candy, breaking its own record with the sale. Until now, the honor was held by a sale also made by Christie’s for a nearly identical Hermès Himalaya Birkin bag. Earlier in 2016 that bag was sold for $300,168 at Christie’s 30th Anniversary Hong Kong auction.

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