Women dig 180 wells in Drought-Hit Kerala


As drought has become curse in major portion of south India, amid of severe condition group of women from Kerala’s Palakkad district came together to dig 180 wells to ensure thirst.

According to Hindustan Times report, at least 300 women were furiously engaged in digging wells with spade and shavels from last October regardless of their poor financial conditions.

It is said, women broke an old tradition of digging wells in male dominated ottapalam town of Kerala to help their teammates.

Last year, in October Kerala government declared the state as drought-hit area due to successive monsoon failure in the region. Following this state government approached the central government for the support to curb the situation.

To combat the drought situation government came up with a set of 26 guidelines and directed all district collectors to follow the norms which included necessary steps like proper and adequate use of water , recycle and so on.





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