Women co-workers bonding can reduce conflict in organisation

women bonding

New York, July 15: Strong bonding stays for years and it is favourable for the workplace as well. Female co-workers friendship help in reducing conflict, a study has revealed.

According to a study, when employers have good relation in office, they offer cool environment that supports positive and social relationships, especially in primarily male dominated organisations, they are less likely to experience conflict among women employees.

“While gender diversity and inequality are well documented topics in management, sociology and labour economics, few have looked closely at the gendered negative relationships within the workplace from a social relationship perspective,” said Jennifer Merluzzi of George Washington University.

Merluzzi surveyed 145 management-level employees regarding workplace dynamics which were primarily male-dominated, with women representing less than one-third of the workforce.

The author revealed that while men and women are equally likely to mention having a difficult co-worker, but as compared to men, women are more likely to cite another woman as a difficult co-worker than a man.

However, this tendency is reduced among women who cite having more women co-workers for social support and friendship at work.

The study “Gender and Negative Work Ties: Exploring Difficult Work Relationships Within and Across Gender at Two Firms” conducted by Merluzzi showed that unique gendered network characteristics can help to reduce conflict in organisation. 

“Understanding the relational side of conflict also bears practical importance as companies increasingly organise using diverse teams, heightening the reliance on informal ties between and within gender to get work accomplished.” Merluzzi added.

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