Women are fragile, feminine, should be home at night: BJP MLA

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Panaji, Aug 2 Women are feminine and fragile and, therefore, should not be made to work in night shift jobs, Goa BJP’s woman MLA Alina Saldanha said on Friday.

Saldanha, a former cabinet minister, also said that women belong in the home, especially during the nights, otherwise their children face hardship.

“Women are said to be feminine and femininity means they are fragile, compared to their counterparts. I don’t think it is fair that the lady should go through the hardship, having to work in the night,” Saldanha told the reporters outside the state legislative assembly complex on Friday.

Her comments come a day after former Chief Minister Churchill Alemao told the state assembly that Goan women are “delicate” and therefore could not work on night shifts. He had also said that non-Goan women are “fast”, triggering outrage.

Alemao was speaking during a brief debate on the Factories (Goa Amendment) Act, 2019, which allows women to work night shifts in factories and manufacturing units.

On Friday, Saldana said that she firmly believes that “ladies should be in their homes”, especially at night.

“They are mothers, they have so many responsibilities and the children are there. Without the mother, the children are lost in the house. They do not know what to do. The presence of the mother in the house is very essential,” she said.

“Especially when children have to go to school, the mother has to be there at home to get them ready for school the next day. I feel that women should not be made to work night shifts and I am sure these flaws (in then amendment) will be considered,” Saldanha added.

When asked why she did not express her opposition to the amendment which was passed by a majority of 26-5, Saldanha said: “It is not that I did not object, I am very sorry. I was busy writing down some points on another issue and that’s how I missed it. In fact, I am very upset about it. It was a very short discussion, but I missed it”.

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