Woman in Indore district claims her hair was chopped off

Indore, Aug 7 : A 26-year-old married woman today claimed that someone chopped off her hair last night.

Similar claims by women have been reported in the past few days in Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi.

The woman, resident of village Shayada, 40 km from Indore, told reporters that she was washing utensils outside her house at around 10 yesterday night when someone cut off her braid.

“Initially I thought my little son is playing with my braid, but after a few moments I saw that it had been chopped off,” she said.

When she realised this, she fainted, she said.

Police visited the woman’s house and recorded her statement. No First Information Report has been lodged yet, said an officer from Depalpur police station.

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