Woman dies after being shot inside US Capitol building

A woman who was shot inside the US Capitol during an insurrection attempt on Wednesday has died, according to Washington DC police.
Woman shot

WASHINGTON — A woman has died after being shot inside the U.S. Capitol after supporters of President Donald Trump stormed the building, according to The Associated Press

According to earlier reports from ABC News, a woman was shot in the neck inside the capitol building, and CPR was administered.

Her death followed chaos and violence inside the halls of Congress forcing elected officials and congressional staff to evacuate and seek shelter, after Donald Trump and his allies sought to undermine millions of Americans’ votes in the 2020 presidential election.

Police also discovered an explosive device and recovered at least five weapons. At least 13 people have been arrested, and several others have been hospitalised.

Capitol police and federal law enforcement have secured the Capitol, as lawmakers are set to return to Congress and finish the formal count of Electoral College votes certified by state election officials.

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