Will stand by every word on RSS : Rahul Gandhi

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New Delhi, August 25 : Rahul Gandhi has been booked for a defamation case for a remark he made in year 2014 regarding the death of Mahatma Gandhi.

Rahul Gandhi denied the claim that he has comfy his attack on RSS. Rahul asserted that he will not stop fighting the hateful agenda of RSS.

Rahul Gandhi said, “I will never stop fighting the hateful and divisive agenda of RSS. I stand by every single word I said.”

One of the member of the RSS has filed a defamation case again Rahul Gandhi over a speech he gave in 2014. Rahul Gandhi said that RSS had assassinated Mahatma Gandhi.

On Wednesday, Yesterday, he told the Supreme Court that he had not blamed the Hindu nationalist organisation but “people associated with it” for the shooting of the Mahatma in 1948.

MG Vaidya, a top ideologue of the RSS said, “The fact is that he has made a mistake, which he should accept with generosity and should apologise for that.”

“If he now says the RSS was not involved, but the people who were involved in Gandhiji’s murder were RSS-affiliated, then he must come clean on his statement that in what sense they were associated with the RSS, and what was their position and credential in the organization,” Vaidya added.

The Supreme court has asked the plaintiff of the complaint to respond to Rahul Gandhi’s explanation. He has refused to apologize and is ready to face the trial.
“We understand the accused never blamed RSS as the killer of Gandhi but a person associated with the RSS,” the Supreme Court said yesterday.
The Supreme Court also said that if the complainant accepts the justification of Rahul Gandhi then it will let go the case.

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