Will enter homes, gouge out eyes of attackers: BJP leader on Kerala political killings


Raipur, Oct 16, 2017: The Bhartiya Janata Party national secretary and former Lok Sabha MP Saroj Pandey racked up a controversy by saying if the killing of BJP-RSS workers continued in Kerala, the latter would respond by “entering homes and gouging out those eyes”.

Speaking to media on the sidelines of the inauguration of an educational institution in Chhattisgarh’s Durg district, Pandey said “Our national president (Amit Shah) has taken out a march (referring to Jan-Suraksha Yatra in Kerala) was to ensure that in future if they (attackers) continue to show eyes to our workers, then it is certain that we will enter homes and gouge those eyes out.”

“We are in power in the country. Our party has more than 11 crore members. If we want, we can dismiss the government there. Governments in Kerala and West Bengal should function on the basis of democratic practices and not with prejudice,” she warned.

Her comments come against the backdrop of an increase in political violence in Kerala. The state has seen a number of attacks, deadly and otherwise, targeting workers of the RSS or the CPM.

Earlier this month, BJP President Amit Shah flagged off the two-week Jan Raksha Yatra, which went through 11 of the 14 districts of Kerala. The yatra was launched with the aim of highlighting the violence allegedly perpetrated by the CPM .

“This is the chief minister’s constituency. The kind of response I saw today, I am confident that the people of Kerala are tired of Communist violence and the latter will have to answer for it,” said Amit Shah told India Today in Dharmadom after flagging off the yatra.

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