Why Restaurants in India should build an Appetite for Artificial Intelligence


New Delhi, June 1 : The role of AI continues to mark an impact on multiple sectors in India. The use of such phenomena’s Like AI and Learning Machines in the world of digital and computer science was limited. However it is quite a buzz now and establishing in multiple sectors like technology, education, finance, marketing, media, transportation, healthcare etc. India is perfectly keen on adapting the Artificial Intelligence which can lead to economic transformation as the food price inflation is growing with sluggish economy in India.

The rise of WPI (Wholesale Price Index) 3.18% (April 2018) in India which is also estimating 2.86% growth of WPI (Wholesale Price Index) in the coming months. It is important for the Hospitality sector to catch up with the developments of AI to diminish the inflation. From cooking food to detecting freshness, it can leverage the sale force of food and beverage services by improving hygienic offerings which ultimately optimise better services.

Talking about Artificial Intelligence for the catering business is main challenge as the technology continues to pose threat by differentiating between artificial brains and human brains; but at the same time it is an opportunity to explore the use of artificial Intelligence to ensure the amazing offerings with technology advancement on services.

AI applications is the most innovative approach to deal with customer’s satisfaction and exceed expectations of the customers in the Restaurant and Catering industry.

Chatbots and Apps – Restaurants and Catering food services can use virtual guides and assistants to respond to customer listful of inquiries and to process and customize customer orders in time.

· Robots – Restaurants and Catering services can us AI-driven robots to increase capacity and speed of food preparation and delivery.

· Recommendation engines – Developers are designing applications which use AI to help consumers select the meals based on their taste preferences.

· Kiosks – Restaurants and food services should integrate AI-driven Kiosks to reduce customer waiting time and enhance the customer ordering experience.

Getting your Food served by Robots in Wedding, Corporate Events and Restaurants – Can Robots be a fantastic waiters.

What if AI powered Robots greets you in the front desk ensure all your guest served with a welcome drink & starters and monitors your buffet. Understanding the taste and preference of the customers handling more than 1000 customers at a time will be a breeze. AI can give value added services such as security & hygiene boost in addition to food & beverage service & recommendations along with projecting all your guest and taking care of the security. From giving an opportunity of selecting food of your choice to servicing tasty food on the spot and time which is also cost effective. Taking a lead in testing robot waiters will be a mixed success Indian catering business.

Advantages: Robot waiters will offer a consistent brand experience which can be a unique attraction to the professional clients and customers. Labour cost also said to be reduced where we can accept the selling point will be high.

Disadvantages: a highly technical & specialised workforce will be required, making the adoption rate slow. Threats to hacking, corruption of hardware & software. They might be less coordinated than human, they work on fix track and walk slowly to avoid collision. Being a machine they can also loose battery or power and break down easily.

Social Acceptance:

Societal Acceptance can be a long process. Human Waiters are more focused on relationship building with the customers to build the credibility of the brand rather than only focusing on operational part. But Major improvement in the part of Artificial Intelligence needed to be done in short period of time which should now likely be integrated as the mainstream in the food service and Hospitality sector.

In conclusion AI & Machine learning is opening up a new wave of technologies for business to adapt, adopt & disrupt consumer behaviour and norms in food service & preparation. Creative applications in areas that demand a drive customer focus, delivery & convenience will be key winners in the AI & Machine learning implementation in the industry.

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