Why PM Modi avoids debate on Rafale deal, says Kapil Sibal

New Delhi, Jan 2 : Senior Leader Kapil Sibal said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi avoids to attend the Parliament whenever there happens to be debate on Rafale deal or any other issue which makes it clear he is hiding something and is only focused on issuing Monologues.

Further said “If there is nothing wrong in Rafale deal then place the facts in front of the people.”

“The PM Sould stand up in parliament and tell the parliament what is right with the deal and answer questions. Is that difficult?,” Sibal said during a TV debate show.

The Congress party has asked “if there is nothing wrong then place the facts before the public.”

If a PM doesn’t come to parliament then do you think that PM is willing to debate anything? Has he debated anything in the last 4.5 years in parliament? He has only issued Monologues,” he said.

Hitting out at Finance minister Arun jaitley’s statement, Sibal said, “If arun jaitley says RahulGandhi was sitting in the lap of Q (ie Quatarochi), then how about my friend Jaitley sitting in the lap of Advani whom he jettisoned like spent fuel?.”

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