Who will be the PM of India in 2019 – III

Election Commission has announced the voting dates in India for the forth coming Lok Sabha Elections. Modi’s 5 years are coming to an end or will he have the second term? Will the magic of Priyanka Gandhi make some change for Rahul Gandhi and Congress Party? Who will be the next Prime Minister of India in 2019? Keeping fingers crossed!
Mann Ki Baat Modi
Mann Ki Baat Modi

Elections 2019 are now just 22 days ahead. India is getting ready for the National event. All the political parties are in attacking mode. Election Commission is keeping an eye on the actions and speeches of the politicians who are trying their level best to woo the masses. General Election 2019 will be a deciding factor not as always but only this time when the fate of India will be decided between the hardliners and Secular ideology.

Narendra Modi since taking to the chair of PM of India has been talking loud and trying to prove that he is not only the best but he is the only solution for India. To propagate the work of his government he had used the public money to advertise his programs and flagship schemes vigorously. In the year 2015-16 the government expenditure over advertisement was Rs. 1188.85 crores. On the floor of the House in replies to the parliamentary question raised in both the Houses of Indian Parliament the government has given expenditure amount over advertisement. The data provided by the government is discrepant. Details are here for comparison:

Information regarding the expenditure over advertisement in FY 2015-16 provided by the government through various replies:

Govt Expenditure on Publicity
Govt Expenditure on Publicity – 2015-16

Total expenditure on publicity by NDA government in 5 years (2014-19) is Rs. 5245.73 crores since June 2014 till December 7, 2018 which has been provided in a reply to the Question Number 2701 on 27-12-2018 in Lok Sabha.

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Now coming to the most popular program of Modi i.e. Mann Ki Baat. Mann Ki Baat was a radio based program of Modi which had 53 episodes since Oct 2014 till February 2019. It is surprising that in a reply under RTI Act by All India Radio it is accepted that this program has not been able to attract the listeners. The TRP is not showing it as a popular program. (Check RTI reply here)

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In this regard a question arises if Narendra Modi was addressing the nation as the PM of India through Mann Ki Baat then how he is propagating the same on his personal website?

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