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On Fourth day of monsoon session, both the houses of Parliament on Thursday continued the disturbance and slogan shouting.

On Wednesday the issue of Kashmir valley was raised by Jyotiraditya M. Scindia, the lok sabha continued the discussion on the violence. Home Minister Rajnath Singh assured the House that an expert committee will look into alternative non-lethal weapons that can be used instead of pellets.

The Lok Sabha is now discussing the NITs amendment bill and in the Rajya Sabha is discussing the recent incidents of atrocities on Dalits.

Live update:

6.10 pm: Premachandran castigates the system of private-aided institutions in education.

6.05 pm: Marginalised sections of society are being denied quality education, says Premachandran.

5.50 pm: N.K. Premachandran, RSP MP, speaks on the Centre’s Education Policy.

In the meaning the Lok Sabha is still discussing the NIT Bill.

5.34 pm: BJP member Mahant Shambhuprasadji Tundiya from Gujarat presents a vocal defence of the State’s actions after the Una incident. He says he is a Dalit and he knows skinning dead cows had been happening for ages and it’s condemnable to commit atrocities against Dalits in the name of a traditional activity.

5.24 pm: Like most of the speakers, Punia too concludes with an Ambedkar quote.

5.23 pm: Punia recalls the recent Kandhamal deaths, where five people were killed in the name of an anti-Maoist operation. The Una incident involves police dereliction of duty, which needs to be dealt with, he says.

5.16 pm: P.L.Punia, chairman of the National Commission for Scheduled Castes, speaks.

5.09 pm: Raja, while expressing his desire that the Prime Minister should have come and responded to the discussion, says that Manu Smriti was quoted in an Madhya Pradesh ordinance against cow slaughter. He says there are right wing forces — “they call it fringe elements” — they want to take this country backward. He quotes RSS leader Golwalkar on the Varnasrama description, while demanding that only economic, social, and political empowerment will help Dalits. He concludes with a demand that the govt. should explain the steps taken to check disrimination against disadvantaged sections.

5 pm: There’s an attempt to replace the Constitution with tenets of Manu Smriti, says Raja, while recalling Modi’s “Constitution is our holy book” speech in the U.S. Congress.

4.57 pm: D. Raja begins his speech. Says Dalits want to be treated as human beings. Quotes Gorky “[Human being] must be respected — not degraded with pity — but respected.”

4.56 pm: Mr. Kurien gently reminds Mr. Memon that written speeches are mostly discouraged. If you have made an extempore speech, I would have given more time, he tells Memon.

4.53 pm: Quoting extensively on statistics, Majeed Memon of the NCP says 13,000 to 15,000 atrocities happen against Dalits, including 3,000 untouchability cases. He says Dalits are routinely abused by police, with Dalits facing multiple forms of discrimination and Dalit women facing more discrimination in view of their caste and gender. He adds police register cases, but seldom proceed and often victims are forced to leave their places. He concludes his speech with Dr. B.R. Ambedkar’s quote “Educate, Agitate, Organise.”

4.43 pm: Jaya Bachchan, in a lighter vein, wants fairness in terms of allocating time to speakers. Kurien says he was only fair to Mayawati, which she deserves in an issue like this.

4.40 pm: The BSP chief concludes, (or forced to conclude after repeated reminders by the Deputy Chairman), her speech with an attack on both the Congress and the BJP against what she calls the politicisation of anti-Dalit atrocities.

4.35 pm: Taking potshots at the CID probe (“We know what a CID probe means, Rajnathji also knows”) ordered into the Una incident, Mayawati demands a fair, time-bound probe with honest police officers and trial in a fast track court.

4.30 pm: Rights of Dalits only in paper, but in practice, due to the manuvadis who sit in the position of implementation, the benefits are yet reach them, says Mayawati. They started with Muslims, and now they have reached Dalits in the BJP-ruled States, she says.

4.25 pm: The benefits of the Constitutional rights given to Dalits and STs are yet to reach them fully, says Mayawati.

4.23 pm: Even today, anti-Dalit, anti-ST atrocities are continuing, notes Mayawati.

4.19 pm: While welcoming the BJP’s action to sack from party post and expel from partry (its U.P. unit vice-president), Mayawati says she was expecting the party to file an FIR against him under SC/ST Act.

4.17 pm: BJP leader’s comment has hurt the sentiments of Dalits, says Mayawati.

4.17 pm: BSP leader Mayawati is speaking.

4.16 pm: Dalit Christians should be given SC status, says Tirkey.

4.15 pm: Need to engage Dalits through sports and culture, observes Tirkey.

4.12 pm: Tirkey says even today 38 per cent of students are kept separate in rural schools and quotes other figures on discrimination.

4.09 pm: BJD member Dilip Kumar Tirkey speaks.

4.08 pm: I didn’t make fun of the situation, I am a serious person, says Athawale.

4.05 pm: Deputy Chairman says Athawale didn’t congratulate the BJP for abusing, but only for taking action against the person who abused, so no point of order.

4.04 pm: Opposition raises point of order against “Athawale congratulating BJP for abusing Mayawati”.

4.03 pm: Don’t raise slogans always, because I have come here raising slogans, says Athawale.

4.02 pm: Neither the BJP nor I even dream of the BJP winning 70 plus seats in U.P., says Athawale.

3.57 pm: Aap ne diya dhoka, Modi ji ne diya mantri ka mouka, aur maine aap ko kai baar roka, says Athawale.

3.55 pm: Athawale invokes Sairat during discussion.

3.53 pm: Forty-five thousand atrocities in 2013 alone. There is no need to politicise the issue, he says.

3.52 pm: MoS and RPI leader Ramdas Athawale intervenes during the discussion.

3.50 pm: Unless Dalits are economically uplifted, a change of heart alone will not help them, says Yechury.

3.49 pm: Worst atrocities are being committed against Dalits on the basis of allegations and rumours, points out Yechury.

3.48 pm: The conviction rate in crimes against Dalits has dropped and the pendency rate of trials in such cases is only 3 per cent, then what action is the government proposing, asks Yechury.

3.44 pm: Varna, the “four-fold arrangement”, always talked about by the RSS provides the idealogical backdrop for atrocities against Dalits, notes Yechury.

3.38 pm: Yechury recalls a remark by a “current Minister” against Dalits without naming him.

3.38 pm: CPI(M) leader Sitaram Yechury is speaking in the Rajya Sabha.

3.32 pm: Deputy Speaker Thambidurai, a former Tamil Nadu Education Minister, makes an intervention. He says the problem is not just shortage of teachers, but they have also been assigned in some other government work.

3.30 pm: BJD leader Baijayant ‘Jaya’ Panda speaks.

3:05 pm: Issues relating to women and Dalits are not just about them but the entire society. He mentions ‘Masaan’, a Hindi movie, where a boy belonging to a low caste ends up studying engineering.

3:10 pm: Sahasrabuddhe says he is for reservation, but wonders why such seats are not being filled up. He says they have to be given special training to enable them enter into higher education institutions.

3:05 pm: The issue of social equality is being expoited politically. Vajpayee changed the SC/ST Ministry from Welfare to Justice Ministry. The BJP government has started “Stand Up India for Dalits.” Modi is trying to translate Ambedkar’s teachings into reality, he says.

3:00 pm: “Unless we root out the issue of discrimination, such incidents cannot be stopped. As long as the Dalits, women or underprivileged are vulnerable, such incidents cannot end. And finally, we need empathy. We should think about the person from his/her side,” he says.

2:55 pm: Henious crimes are lower in Gujarat than Telangana and Bihar. The issue is not Una alone, says Sahasrabuddhe. What is the fundamental of this issue? Five Adivasis were killed in Kandhamal on July 8. Odisha Chief Minister has not visited the place yet. Why point fingers at Anandiben alone? he asks.

2:50 pm: Meanwhile, the Lok Sabha reconvenes. HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar introduces the National Institutes of Technology, Sciences and Research (Amendment) Bill.

2:47 pm: Vinay Sahasrabuddhe (BJP) makes his maiden speech. He begins his speech by dedicating it to Ambedkar. He goes on to condemn the Una incident.

2:45 pm: The Gujarat incident is an eye opener. The government should ensure this is not repeated. Unity in diversity is India. Diversity has to be protected, safeguarded, says Mr. Patel.

2:40 pm: This government allowed SC/ST Ordinance to lapse. After a delay of 18 months, the Act was passed, he says. The Budgetary allowance for SC/ST was drastically reduced by 7.8 per cent. Mr. Patel lists cases of Dalit suicides. Gujarat has the maximum number of manual scavangers, he says.

2:30 pm: Ahmed Patel (Congress) speaks. Centre may say these issues are isolated incidents. But its not true. This government came with the plank ‘Sabka Sath Sabka Vikas’ and Gujarat model. Is this Gujarat model? First it was Muslims (referring to 2002 communal riots), now it’s this incident, he says.

2:25 pm: USA has elected an African-American as its President. We couldn’t elect a Dalit (Prime Minister), says Yadav.

2:23 pm: Yadav mentions Daya Shankar Singh’s remark. He demands FIR against him.

2:20 pm: Why isn’t the government banning these cow vigilante? asks Sharad Yadav.

2:15 pm: Mahatma Gandhi felt the plight of Dalits can be changed by changing the minds of people, but Ambedkar said such a change is possible only through law. Ambedkar’s stand is vindicated now, he says.

2:10 pm: A Dalit cannot wear pagadi during his wedding even today, he says.

2:05 pm: Sharad Yadav (JD-U) talks about the Una incident, where Dalits were beaten up by cow vigilante for allegedly skinning a dead cow. In the protests that followed, one person committed suicide consuming pesticide.

2:00 pm: Rajya Sabha session resumes. Short duration discussion on the recent incidents of atrocities against Dalits in various parts of the country gets underway.

1:00 pm: Rajya Sabha adjourned till 2 pm

12:50 pm: In the the Rajya Sabha, replying to questions on the New Education Policy, HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar says the government is inviting suggestions. The motto is “sabko siksha, achchi siksha”.

12:47 pm: Jyotiraditya Sinha of the Congress demands legal proceedings against Daya Shankar Singh, who made derogatory remarks against BSP chief Mayawati. On one hand, this government is celebrating Ambedkar, on the other, it is trying to make Dalit mukt Bharat, he says.

12:40 pm: Rajnath Singh ends the statement by making an appeal to everyone to come together to normalise the situation in Kashmir.

12:37 pm: Curfew is being slowly relaxed at night. Essential commodities are being provided. There is no ban on newspapers but internet connectivity has been restricted to curb the spread of rumours. There have been reports of fake photos and a Uttar Pradesh photo being circulated as Kashmir in social media, he says.

12:35 pm: Mr. Singh says he himself wishes to visit Kashmir, stay in a Guest House and interact with civilians there.

12:34 pm: Some parliamentarians suggested a MP panel to be sent to Kashmir to assess the situation. Mr. Singh says he spoke to State Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti about this. She said she will be visiting Delhi in a few days and this can be discussed then.

12:33 pm: There were 152 terrorist-related incidents reported in Kashmir this year. 86 militants were killed this year, he says.

12:30 pm: We had advised maximum restraint to security forces. One soldier was killed, 1739 soldiers were injured in pelting of stones. Despite this, security forces exercised maximum restraint. Some fault may have happened. I will form an expert committee to see if there can be non-lethal alternative to pellets, he says.

12:25 pm: Rajnath Singh targets Pakistan in the Lok Sabha too. They observe black day on a terrorist being killed! How can they interfere in India’s internal matters? he asks. Pakistan is trying its best to increase infiltration, but security forces have neutralised 86 terrorists this year, he says.

12:23 pm: All have to unite to improve the Kashmir situation. All PMs have tried. We will improve the Kashmir situation, howsoever evil be the acts of our neighbour, he says.

12:22 pm: Kashmir youth are nationalist but some have instigated them. These youth should be separated from such elements. Not just in Kashmir but also in Chhattisgarh, he says.

12:21 pm: Some people celebrate when our security forces get attacked. Some perverted minds celebrate deaths of soldiers. They even call judicial death sentence judicial killing. This mindset of some needs improvement, he says.

12:20 pm: A look at the Lok Sabha now. Home Minister Rajnath Singh talks about the Kashmir issue. In Kashmir’s politics, humanity can have a place not satanic acts, he says.

12:15 pm: External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj says the killing of a Congo national in the National Captial was not ‘racist’. Indians there tried to save him from criminals, got beaten up, she says. “African nations told we are acting against criminals. We will conduct a sensitisation programme,” she says.

12:03 pm: HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar responds to questions on alleged saffronisation of education.

Referring to Katheria’s earlier comments on Sanghwaad in education, Mr. Javadekar says he meant what is good will be included in education. “We will create a good education policy for all,” the new minister says. When Derek O’Brein (TMC) pointed out that schools are a State subject too, Javadekar says the government will ensure that state powers are not interfered with.

11:48 am: Bhupendra Yadav (BJP) says terror organisations are using social media for propaganda. They are harming India and wanting to divert youth of border areas into terrorism. “Negative propaganda about our armed forces is also happening, all such websites doing so should be banned,” he says.

11:32 am: Law Minister Sadananda Gowda responds. The allegations are far from truth. From January to April, 51 new appointments have been done, he says.

11:31 am: Sharma continues. He asks why is the government blocking names sent by High Courts and SC collegiums?
11:30 pm: Venkaiah Naidu interrupts. Says if you use this for scoring political points, it won’t help

11:25 am: Anand Sharma raises the issue pendency of cases in courts. People are languishing in jail as undertrials. There are huge vacancies for judges waiting to be filled up. The CJI even wept before Parliament, he says.

11:20 am: In the Rajya sabha, Shaadi Lal Batra, Haryana Congress MP, raises the alleged rigging of Rajya Sabha elections. BJP MPs protest.

11:10 am: Question Hour in progress in the Lok Sabha. Sumitra Mahajan is chairing the session. Ram Kirpal Yadav is responding to members’ questions on rural roadways.

11:00 am: Parliamentary proceedings begin in both Houses

After an eventful day and substantial discussion on important issues, the Rajya Sabha was also adjourned.

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