Whether Critising UPA govt two days after 26/11 was not politics? Kapil Sibal asks Modi

Kapil Sibal PC On Economy

New Delhi, Feb 5 : Senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal said that he is convinced with Narendra Modi that there should not be politics on national security as it weakens the country in international arena but questioned whether it was not part of politics when Modi indulged in criticising the UPA outside just two days after Mumbai attacks (26/11).

Kapil Sibal posted a tweet and questioned PM Modi to come clear, “Terrorism & Politics PM : No …”politics during terrorist attack …weakens India’s side “ Agree Then why Modiji did you criticise the UPA outside Oberoi Trident Hotel (November 28 , 2008 ) just two days after 26/11 Not for politics ? Did that not “ weaken India’s side ?

The issue of national security always comes in discussion where ever there are elections in India and this time the issue was again raised by Modi during his speeches at election ralliesModi is a for the Delhi polls that are scheduled to be held on Feb 8.

As Modi is seeking votes on nationalism and is avoiding any discussion on unemployment, Indian economy .

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