Whether Arun Jaitley allowed Mallya to escape from India on PM Modi’s order : Rahul Gandhi asks FM

Rahul Gandhi said Congress MP Punia Saw Arun Jaitley meeting Vijay Mallya and he must reveal whether Finance Minister acted on PM Modi’s order.
Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi, Sep 13: Congress President Rahul Gandhi has categorically asked Finance Minister whether Prime Minister Narendra Modi had issued orders to Arun Jaitley to allow Vijay Mallya to escape from the country. While Congress leader P L Punia has thrown challenge to Jaitley, “If I’m wrong I’ll resign from politics.”

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi decided everything. Now Finance Minister Arun Jaitley should reveal it to the nation  whether Modi issued order to Jaitley  to allow  Mallya  to escape  from the country, ( सरकार में प्रधानमंत्री सब कुछ तय करते हैं। वित्त मंत्री जी हिन्दुस्तान को बताएं कि क्या उन्होंने भगोड़े को हिंदुस्तान से भागने दिया या इसके लिये उनको प्रधानमंत्री जी से आदेश आया था?),” the Congress president said.

“पहला सवाल ये है कि वित्त मंत्री भगोड़ों से बात करते हैं। भगोड़ा, वित्त मंत्री से कहता है कि मैं अब लंदन जाने वाला हूं। लेकिन वित्त मंत्री ने सीबीआई, ईडी या पुलिस को नहीं बताया। क्यों?,” Rahul asked.

Vijay Mallya and Finance Minister Arun Jaitley were witnessed by a Congress leader having a discussion in parliament just two days before the fugitive tycoon’s flight to the UK, Rahul Gandhi alleged today.

“Arun Jaitley is lying, Congress leader PL Puniya witnessed his meeting with Vijay Mallya,” Rahul Gandhi said, a day after the finance minister rubbished Vijay Mallya’s claim that he had met him before leaving for London in 2016.

Even if  Mallya caught up with you in the corridor why did you not tell the CBI, ED that he’s going to flee, catch him? This is clearly a collision, there is definitely a deal. Finance Minister should clearly say what transpired and he should resign.

Presenting the foolproof evidence to the people of India, Rahul Gandhi said “Arun Jaitley is lying, Congress leader P L Punia witnessed his meeting with Vijay Mallya”.

“The Finance Minister has colluded in a criminal running away from the country. Finance Minister talks to an absconder, absconder tells him that he going to London. Finance Minister doesn’t tell CBI, ED or police. Why? The arrest notice was changed to informed notice. This can be done only by the one who controls CBI, Rahul Gandhi asserted.

“Vijay Mallya said yesterday that he met Arun Jaitley ji in the Parliament before leaving. Arun Jaitley writes blogs on all meetings but I don’t know why there was no blog by him on this meeting. He(FM)said that he spoke only a few words to him (Vijay Mallya), which is a lie,” Gandhi said.

Punia while revealing the minute details of the meetings, challenged Arun Jaitley to resign from politics, “I have clearly stated about this in each of my interview with media. There are CCTV cameras, we can all see that for proof. If I’m wrong I’ll resign from politics.”

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