When Dalai lama tickled Baba Ramdev, watch video

Dalai lama with baba ramdev
Dalai lama with baba ramdev

While attending World Peace & Harmony Conclave in Mumbai Dalai Lama and Baba Ramdev shared a light moment. Speaking at the function spritual leader Dalai Lama called Ramdev and started tickling him.

Baba Ramdev touched Dalai Lama’s feet and in return the later blessed him and got playful and yanked on his beard.

At one point it seemed that  the Tibetan spiritual leader won’t leave Ramdev’s beard, but the Yoga guru took it sportingly and managed to escape.

Amid laughter and guffaws, the Dalai Lama then poked at the flat midriff of Ramdev, to which the latter responded by displaying his incredible skills and flexed his abdomen which is his trademark style.

The event highlighted the friendship between the two spiritual leaders.

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