WhatsApp blue double-tick accpets by court as an evidence

watsapp blue double tick

New Delhi, May 18: Watsapp blue colured double-tick taken as a proof in court where plaintiff served notice to daughter-in-law and her parents.

They took colour printout of screenshot and submitted in front of court in a family dispute case.

On May 6, a resident of Model Town filed an appeal in the civil court, requesting to restrain his son and daughter-in-law, her parents and her friend from “trespassing into the suit property” as notice will take time and they can barge home.

The court informed him that he can serve notice via WhatsApp, he proceeded to do the same on 8 May and saw ‘blue double tick’ on the chat, took a colour printout.

In his order, Mathur stated: “I have gone through the record. The conveyance deed… of the suit property is in the name of plaintiff which makes him the exclusive owner… The defendants are restrained from trespassing into the suit property without due process of law till the next date of hearing. Though the defendants No. 1 to 4 have been served via WhatsApp, but still I deem it appropriate that they be served once again. Accordingly, issue fresh summons to the defendants No. 1 to 4 on filing PF/RC returnable for 24.05.2017.”

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