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Lucknow March 28: Trying to come out of the shocker given by the saffron Tsunami in assembly results this year, the SP has a lot to do for the upcoming years. But deep down the line, the fire of the feud is still having the heat and coal which can burn the remaining of the party to a disastrous level.

After the results were declared on 11th March 2017, the SP camp was trying to analyze the defeat through different modes and ways. But the swords were still shining among the family members and it was clearly visible during the festival of Holi when Shivpal opted to celebrate the festival with his supporters at his Etawah residence and skipped the family function.  Akhilesh celebrated with the rest of the family at the ancestral home in Saifai, which is 20km away from Shivpal’s residence.

Both Akhilesh and Shivpal got together for the first time on 16th March after a prolonged family feud. They took part in a closed- door meeting to decide the future course of action for the party. But again the bonhomie was missing and it was assumed that both of them are on a common stage because they had no other option rather than posing to be one.

This meeting was held at party headquarters in Lucknow and it lasted for about 45 minutes. This meeting was attended by senior party leaders Mohhamad Azam Khan and Ram Govind Chowdhary and others. This meeting was followed by another meeting which was meant for newly elected party MLAs. Shivpal tried to sit among the legislators but Azam Khan went down and requested him to take his seat at the dais beside Akhilesh.

There were no signs of truce within the Yadav clan and neither the party issued any official words regarding the meeting. Sources within the party informed WFN that Shivpal reportedly maintained a studied silence throughout the discussions at both the meetings. The senior leaders also discussed the name of SP’s legislature leader in the house and Azam Khan proposed the name of Shivpal Yadav for the same and he was supported by Ram Govind Chowdhary for the same. But Shivpal kept mum and he did not bother to make any statements over it.

However, Ram Govind Chowdhary has been nominated by the SP as the leader of legislature and his name was also doing rounds in that closed door meeting. Sources informed that SP patriarch Mulayam Singh Yadav and Shivpal wanted to put Ram Govind at this profile due to some undisclosed reasons.

A close aide of Shivpal Yadav told WFN – ” You have seen how our Shivpal jee was pushed to the sidelines by Akhilesh jee and his team a few months ago. He was unceremoniously removed from the post of state president and was kept away from most of the major decisions that the party took in the run up to the 2017 assembly polls.”

“He wasn’t given any role in the selection of candidates and they deleted his name from the list of the party’s star campaigners. He did not campaign and opted to concentrate on his seat of Jaswantnagar, from where he won the elections. So you can figure out how much his silence has affected the party.”

Although his claims seem to be right in some extents as SP has lost many seats with slender margins and that was due to the absence of the organizational structure which was always in hands of Shivpal Yadav. Shivpal broke his silence after the results again and described the party’s defeat as the defeat of “false pride”. He was indirectly pointing towards Akhilesh Yadav and his steps which he took in past few months.

The cost of Shivpal’s silence-

The absence of cadre on ground and at the booths and the failure of man management skills initiated by team Akhilesh had costed a lot to the party. The Modi wave had also blew away almost three fourths of the ministers of Akhilesh government. Among those who are close to Akhilesh the big losses came for his close confidants Arvind Singh Gope and Dr Abhishek Mishra from Ramnagar and Lucknow North respectively.

Veteran SP leader and former Assembly Speaker Mata Prasad Pandey also failed to hold ground at his traditional Itwa seat; he lost the seat to the BJP and slipped to the third spot. Among others who were forced to bite the dust were cabinet ministers Ravidas Mehrotra (Lucknow central), Shivakant Ojha (Raniganj),  Ziyauddin Rizvi (Sikanderpur), Awdhesh Prasad (Milkipur), Vinod Kumar alias Pandit Singh (Tarabganj), Rammurti Verma (Akbarpur), Shankhlal Majhi (Jalalpur), Ramkaran Arya (Mahadeva), Brahmhashanker Tripathi (Kushinagar), Kamal Akhtar (Hasanpur), Riyaz Ahmed (Pilibhit) and Shahid Manzoor (Kithore).

The MOS (independent charge) who also lost in this wave were Aruna Kori (Rasoolabad), Farid Mehfooz Kidwai (Kursi), Moolchand Chauhan (Dhampur)and Madan Chauhan (Garh Mukteshwar). The ministers of state who faced defeat  are Shiv Pratap Yadav (Gaisari), Rajiv Kumar (Dariyabad), Surendra Patel (Sevapuri), Kailash Chaurasia (Mirzapur), Rampal Rajwanshi (Mishrikh), Radhey Shyam Singh (Hata), Rammurti Singh Verma (Dadraul), Vijay Bahadur Pal (Tirwa), Tej Narayan alias Pawan Pandey (Ayodhya), Banshidhar Baudh (Balha), Hemraj Verma (Berkheda) and Sudhir Kumar Rawat (Safipur).

The sliver lines on the dark cloud-

But despite this Modi wave, there were few who had survived easily, among them were Azam Khan (Rampur), Ram Govind Chaudhary (Bansdeeh), Parasnath Yadav (Malhani) Durga Prasad Yadav (Sadar), Yasir Shah (Matera), Mehboob Ali (Amroha), Iqbal Mehmood (Sambhal), Raghuraj Pratap Singh (Kunda), Manoj Kumar Pandey (Uchahar) and Narendra Singh Verma (Mehmodabad). Azam Khan’s son Abdullah azam also won from Suar seat and defeated Nawab kazim Ali Khan of BSP.

There were four former minister of state who had won in these bad times.  They are Nitin Agarwal (Hardoi), Shailendra Yadav (Shahganj), Jagdish Sonekar  (Machchlishahr) and Omkar Singh Yadav (Sahaswan).

SP patriarch who had decided to stay away from election campaign had also shown his strength in his own manner. Mulayam singh Yadav did a single rally in Jaunpur and asked for votes in favour of Paras Nath yadav. His appeal went positive and Paras defeated strongman Dhananjay Singh with a sizeable margin. Shailendra Yadav alias Lalayee another close aide of Mulayam Singh yadav also won his seat of Shahganj. SP won three seats out of nine seats of Jaunpur while BJP got five and one went to BSP.

 Not only Jaunpur, But Mulayam Singh Yadav also managed to remain intact in his parliamentary constituency of Azamgarh. SP has won five seats out of ten seats of Azamgarh while BSP has bagged four and BJP got only one seat.

So, as of now, nothing seems well or under control for Samajwadi Party president and former UP CM Akhilesh Yadav. A serious threat to his leadership might erupt again from within his own family. Shivpal had already quoted during elections that he is willing to form a new party and he gave this threat just after filing his nominations.

Now after the results had been announced, Shivpal’s intents are clear and he is about to openly dare to Akhilesh. But some insiders still feel that Shivpal’s actions were and are part of a pre scripted trick designed by Mulayam Singh Yadav. Shivpal had already stated that he was unhappy with the deliberate insult of Mulayam Singh Yadav and also with the alliance formation with Congress.

Some insiders also claim that both Mulayam and Shivpal had been mobilizing things within and outside the party which went against Akhilesh Yadav. A senior SP leader told us on conditions of anonymity and said that “Both Netaji and Shivpal ji ensured that most of the candidates of Congress – SP alliance should get defeats in their respective seats.

The results in the end might have given a sigh to Shivpal and Mulayam camp as their plans ended up the way they wanted. Now the alliance had failed to strike any chords and the SP is in small numbers, sitting in opposition and things are not easy for Akhilesh at all. Now mid all claims and counter claims the road ahead is not smooth for Akhilesh and he is getting challenges not just from BJP but also from within his own family.

SP will witness a fresh election for its new National President in the month of September this year and sources claim that Mulayam Singh Yadav might opt to play another innings or he might choose Shivpal for some important portfolios once more.

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