What’s Adah Sharma’s idea of perfect match?

adah sharma

Mumbai, Feb 14: Actress Adah Sharma says her Mr. Right would be a food gourmet and an animal lover, but most of all, a person who remains happy and spreads happiness.
“With time, my requirement of a perfect match has changed. Now I realise that I like those people who are happy and not insecure. I enjoy the company of someone who loves animals, likes my bad jokes, likes food and loves to work. Basically, I like those people who stay and keep others happy and don’t crib,” Adah said here.

For Valentine’s Day on Tuesday, she has no specific plans.

“All the people who are in my life are the ones I love. I love being with them all the time. So I will be with my family and friends.”

“I live my life with love and passion. Whatever I do, I do it with full of love, even If it is just dressing up for an occasion,” she said.

Adah, who will be seen next in the film “Commando 2”, said: “As actors, we make these movies for the audience. Therefore, we are waiting to see the audience response. I feel so special when I read the comments of the audience because people who have not even met us, they shower us with so much love.”


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