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What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Parenting Style



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New Delhi, Aug 22 : A child’s mind is like a garden and their thoughts are like seeds, as parents it is your prime responsibility to nurture their minds. Parenting is a tough task as it is, but different people have different approaches towards it, there is no one size fits all solution.

However, your zodiac sign can reveal a lot about your parenting style. Let’s take a look at how people hailing from different zodiac signs take to parenting.

Aries: They believe in giving all the freedom to their kids, thereby making their off-springs ambitious and passionate. An Aries believes in imparting cultural values to the kids and promotes them to think bigger. If you are Aries, congratulations, for you are destined to be a Super Dad or Super Mom.

Taurus: They believe in giving their kids a lot of security and support. But giving security and support does not entail that they make the children dependent on them. In fact, by ensuring the same they make an attempt to shape a self dependent personality. They do not believe in leaving wealth for their children, instead, they make them worthy of creating their own wealth.

Gemini: If you are more of a friend with your child, they you belong to this zodiac sign. Parents hailing from this zodiac sign indulge in intense communication and give individual attention to their children. They do not let age come in the way of their proximity with their children.

Cancer: They believe in spending as much time as possible with their kids and also like to go out with them. Overall, they are very children oriented and find their pleasure in their little ones. For instance, they like to prepare food for kids.

Leo: Parents belonging to this zodiac sign are very open minded and believe in making their children competitive in nature. They do not mind compromising with their own likings and interests and go all out to satisfy all needs of their kids.

Virgo: If you are a Virgo, you are most probably quite dominating as a parent. The Virgos make their kids bit introvert, silent and bookworm kinds. Though they love their children selflessly, they can be very strict at times.

Libra: A Libran would allow their children to do whatever they want and provide them with whatever they want. They are very kind and soft to kids. Further, they like to educate kids on moral values.

Scorpio: Do whatever you want to do, but make sure you are on the right path and deal with whatever comes your way, don’t come to me for help – this is the approach of parents belonging to this zodiac sign. Their idea is to make the kids self dependent and give them utmost strength.

Sagittarius: They like to take their kids out for adventure and movies and impart them with good knowledge. They are the kinds who like to drop off and pick up their children from school. They tend to be kids with kids, giving them lot of attention and correcting wherever needed. They set good examples for children.

Capricorn: They are very practical and open minded, and bring up their children in good values and tradition. Their concept is to show all aspects of life to their kids, and let them choose their own path.

Aquarius: Expression of love towards kids comes naturally to them and hence they usually enjoy good relations with their off-springs. They are quite open-minded, and at times, they allow their kids to do wrong as well, so that they learn from their own mistakes. They share a great bond with their kids.

Pisces: They are great as motivating parents, who take good care of their kids’ feelings and give them utmost support. They do not hesitate in going the extra mile for their children.

(Pandit Jagannath Guruji is a renown astrologer, prophesier & Philanthropist)


Preparations to start soon for Haj 2021, says Centre

Union Minister for Minority Affairs Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said that Haj 2021 will depend on national-international protocol guidelines in view of the pandemic




Mecca Haj

The Centre on Monday said that Haj 2021 will depend on the national and international protocol guidelines in view of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, the government said it will soon start the preparations for the Haj and receive applications.

Union Minister for Minority Affairs Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said this after chairing a virtual meeting attended by Haj Committee of India CEO Maqsood Ahmad, Secretary, Ministry of Minority Affairs P.K. Das, Joint Secretary of the Ministry of External Affairs Vipul, Ambassador of India to Saudi Arabia Ausaf Saeed and other officials. Many important decisions regarding Haj were taken in this meeting.

Naqvi said after the meeting that Haj 2021 will depend on national-international protocol guidelines in view of the pandemic. Haj 2021 is to take place in the month of July. But a final decision will be taken after a thorough review of the coronavirus spread and the health guidelines of Saudi Arabia and the Government of India, he said.

The Haj Committee of India and other Indian agencies will soon start preparations for Haj 2021 and start receiving applications. A formal announcement regarding the applications and other procedures will be made after the decision in respect of Haj 2021 by the Saudi Arabian government, the government said.

The Minister said due to the epidemic, the arrangements for the pilgrimage will see changes in a big way keeping in mind the guidelines. The health of the Haj pilgrims is the priority of the government, he added.

India and Saudi Arabia are in touch on this issue, he said.

According to information, Rs 2,100 crore of 1.23 lakh pilgrims, who were unable to go on Haj this year because of the pandemic, have been returned without any deduction.

The three-year pending amount of about Rs 514 crore of the Haj pilgrims has also been returned during this corona period.

The result of the 100 per cent digital system in India is that money was sent directly into the accounts even during the ongoing pandemic, which has happened for the first time in the history of the Haj pilgrimage.

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Corona is the new Mahishasura in Delhi’s subdued Durga Puja

With a spike of 55,722 coronavirus cases and 579 deaths in the past 24 hours, India’s tally on Monday crossed the 75-lakh mark with a total of 75,50,273 cases.




Druga Puja

New Delhi, Oct 19 : In times of the pandemic, evil has attained a new face — coronavirus. Hence, the Safdurjung Matri Mandir, an old puja committee in the national capital, has decided to install ‘Coronasur’ instead of Mahishasura in its toned down Durga Puja this year.

“Every year we create a Mahishasura which the goddess Durga symbolically kills. But this year, we have replaced it with Coronasur,” Sumit Guha, one of the organisers at the Safdarjung Matri Mandir, told IANS.

The puja committee has decided to do away with the tradition of a tall idol this year. In fact, it has unanimously decided against an idol itself. Guha said that a 20 feet tall poster of goddess Durga will be installed instead.

However, this trend has a bearing on those who make idols. Following the social distancing norms, the cautious puja committees in CR Park – the hub of Delhi’s Durga puja celebrations – have decided to give it a pass this year, adding to the misery of the idol makers. Manik Pal from West Bengal’s Krishnanagar is one such artist.

“I have been coming to Delhi for the last 20 years. Last year, I made around 50 idols. But this year I am making 8-10 small idols,” Pal said while giving finishing touches to a five feet idol.

“We don’t have any money. No money to eat or educate my children. We don’t have anything. The coronavirus has created a lot of hardships for us,” he said.

Pal, like many other artists, hopes that the government will step in to bring some reprieve to them.

“If it happens, there’s nothing like it. But we don’t know if the government will help us,” he said.

Pal, however, believes that the fear and caution to avoid mass gatherings is the need of the hour. He told IANS that even in Kolkata, the festivities will see significant toning down as compared to the previous years.

Meanwhile, the Calcutta High Court on Monday directed all Durga Puja pandals in West Bengal to be made no-entry zones for the public. The court has also limited the number of organisers inside the pandals to 25 for big pujas and 15 for the smaller ones.

With a spike of 55,722 coronavirus cases and 579 deaths in the past 24 hours, India’s tally on Monday crossed the 75-lakh mark with a total of 75,50,273 cases.

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Can Nanded Gurudwara Procession Be Held At 5 A.M.?: SC To Maharashtra Govt

The top court also asked the state government whether it could impose a curfew like the one which was imposed in Puri for the Jagannath Yatra procession.




gurudwara hazur sahib nanded

New Delhi: The Supreme Court on Monday asked the Maharashtra government to examine whether the Nanded Gurudwara can be allowed to hold Dussehra festivities and the Guru Granth Sahib procession at 5 a.m., with limited gathering.

A vacation bench comprising Justices L. Nageswara Rao, Hemant Gupta and Ajay Rastogi said the Maharashtra state disaster management authority (SDMA) should take decision in the matter in the backdrop of the Covid-19 scenario.

The order has come on a plea filed by the Nanded Sikh Gurudwara Sachkhand Shri Hazur Abchalnagar Sahib Board, which sought permission for Dussehra, Takht Isnan, Deepmala and Gurta Gaddi events. The board cited these events are three centuries-old custom maintained by the Gurudwara.

Advocate Praveen Chaturvedi, representing the petitioner, contended the state government has already allowed marriages with 50 people in attendance, and his client is not asking for public participation instead the procession, on a limited route, can be allowed with 40 to 50 people.

The bench queried who will control if the procession is on the road?

The bench noted that state government is saying there is a health risk in the backdrop of people affected in Nanded and added that in Puri there were restrictions but many people turned up.

Chaturvedi further clarified that his client has reduced the procession route to 1.5 km and they will use a truck on which Granth Sahib will be kept and the proceedings will be live telecast.

Solicitor General Tushar Mehta, representing the Centre, cited the MHA August 29 order which allowed religious/political/social functions from September 21 and September 30 guidelines allowing gathering of up to 100 persons outside containment zones subject to conditions.

Mehta suggested that the procession br 1.5km, they could consider holding it between 7 a.m. to 9 a.m., so that people other than those participating in the ritual are not involved.

The top court also asked the state government whether it could impose a curfew like the one which was imposed in Puri for the Jagannath Yatra procession.

The Maharashtra government in its affidavit has informed the top court that Dussehra procession will not be a “practically feasible option” amid COVID-19, as it has hit the state worst, and the government has taken a conscious decision to not allow religious functions.

The bench said would giving permission to one festival will lead to giving permission to others? Mehta said this was not a festival celebrated across Maharashtra, rather it is only restricted to Nanded and also to in a community with small numbers.

The Maharashtra government counsel said the state is genuinely concerned regarding public health, which is a state subject. The counsel added that the government’s experience has shown that these 50-60 people congregation is not possible, as greater number of people will turn up and added the government did not permit even the popular Ganapathi festival procession.

Concluding the hearing, the bench asked the state government can’t you have the procession at 5 a.m.?

The Maharashtra government counsel replied the petitioner should file representation before the state disaster management authority. The bench noted that it was something where the court cannot interfere, especially when the state is saying it is difficult.

The bench asked the SDMA to decide on the representation by Nanded gurudwara management board by Tuesday and told the petitioner they can move the Bombay High Court, if not satisfied.

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