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‘What Will People Say’ will stun you : Movie Review



what-will people say

It is widely believed that every individual has a story to tell. Then why is it that some stories seem so much more relatable than others? And why do some human beings suffer and endure more suffering than others?

Being a rebellious soul always invites more trouble. I am not too sure if the teenager protagonist Nisha (Maria Mozhdah) in director Iram Haq’s self-inspired story of cultural oppression, means to be a rebel. Sure, she has a double life (like most of us do at some point in our lives) as an obedient Pakistani daughter to a strict but loving and not unreasonable father (Adil Hussain, as credible as ever) and as a normal Norwegian citizen who goes out with her friends for fun in the night.

One night, Nisha invites her Caucasian boyfriend into her home. I don’t know why she would do anything so foolhardy. But this is that life-defining moment when her life changes radically.

The director, though relatively new to the craft, demonstrates an enormous command over Nisha’s scattered dismembered destiny as she is whisked away from her home in Norway to her native village in Pakistan for what can be regarded as a steeply subverted homage to Shakespeare’s “Taming Of The Shrew”.

Yes, Nisha must be tamed. Her natural adolescent urges must be quickly nipped in the body. She must be circumcised, at least in spirit if not in flesh.

All of this is put across in this hard-hitting drama in the frenzied tone of a narration that’s running out of time. And yet, miraculously, director Iram Haq doesn’t allow hysteria to permeate the narrative. Throughout, the director exercises an astonishing control over the staggering proceedings, never stumbling over the boulders of bigotry that are laid in Nisha’s path, never elevating her to an injured martyr or demonising her dad.

That the two parts are played by actors who are in complete command of their characters’ compulsions is indeed providential for the plot.

Adil, who never fails to rise to any occasion, plays the father with immense empathy. He turns what could have been an occasion for “honour killing” into a genuine family crisis. Never adding to the drama of the daughter’s cultural discord, never taking away from its true dimensions.

Semi-newcomer Maria Mozhdah is a revelation. She penetrates every heartbeat of her character, and transforms in front of our eyes from a free-spirited girl in Norway to a veiled guarded haunted young woman in Pakistan. This is one of the finest portrayals of oppression I’ve seen in recent times.

Two episodes from this slice-of-strife cinema stood out for their jolting viciousness. In one Nisha, out on the street with her hesitant gentle beloved in the dangerous street of Pakistan, is apprehended by debauched corrupt cops. The humiliation that follows is every girl’s nightmare come true, crushing enough to snuff any signs of sexual awakening in the impressionable mind.

In the other sequence, Adil makes his screen-daughter stand at the edge of a cliff and asks her to… well, jump.

Miraculously at this precarious point, the father seems more haunted and cornered than the daughter. The fact that I didn’t hate this desperate father at that moment says volumes about the emotional equilibrium that the narrative practices even as it refuses to preach or judge the characters for their seemingly awful actions.

Nisha’s story will haunt you for a long time. Not only because it is so traumatizing but also because it is a story that will seek a resonance in every oppressed society that has ever questioned belittled challenged and crushed a girl for feeling anything below her neck.

Film: “What Will People Say”; Director: Iram Haq; Cast: Maria Mozhdah, Adil Hussain and Ekavali Khanna; Rating: ****


Bigg Boss 14: Kavita Kaushik’s husband reveals his relatives in law-enforcement approached him to file complaint against Aly Goni

Talking about his wife’s struggle Kavita Kaushik’s husband Ronnit Biswas slammed Aly Goni. Here’s what he said!




Kavita Kaushik

Bigg Boss 14 saw a massive showdown between Kavita Kaushik and Aly Goni after the actor lost his cool when she takes away his personal items as a punishment for breaking house rules.

In a fit of rage, Aly kicked a trash bin which hurt Kavita, who was standing close to it and the house erupted in chaos.

Now talking about his wife’s struggle Kavita’s husband Ronnit Biswas said, “Physical violence was never a thing which we had signed up for whether it happened directly or indirectly it doesn’t matter.”

“I had seen the promo first, a day before yesterday and I was very disturbed. But once I saw the way Kavita was putting up to it and how she was behaving I felt extremely proud of her. My sadness disappeared and I got happy thinking that no matter how much you try to target this girl, she will not bow down to anyone. She will come out shining and strong,” said a proud Ronnit in a conversation with ETimes TV.

He also went on to say that what Kavita said to Aly was not a big deal. Stating that Aly also said the same line to Kavita thrice, Ronnit revealed, “He has also said this to her thrice after that. So, I think the topic should have ended then and there itself. But I understand most of the housemates know that Kavita is quite strong and if they fight with her or corner her, they will get some footage. It is very sad that in a country where we keep talking about women are equal to men, we worship Goddess, we celebrate women and talk about women empowerment, there is a man who is threatening a woman on national television that he will make her life a living hell or won’t let her sleep.

Few of Ronnit’s relatives, who are in law enforcement, have approached him asking him if he wants to file a complaint against Aly Goni. “I have been getting a lot of calls from our well-wishers and relatives who are into the Police force, Government officials and they are asking me If I want to take action against Aly Goni or register a complaint. Although, I have told them that it is not needed, but I was expecting from the channel and the production house a stricter punishment. One week’s nomination doesn’t make any sense,” concluded Ronnit.

Let’s see if Aly and Kavita bury the hatches in weeks to come or not.

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TV actor Ashiesh Roy passes away

Cine & TV Artistes’ Association (CINTAA) expressed solidarity for Ashiesh Roy who died on Tuesday. The actor’s staff member confirmed the news that he was suffering from a kidney ailment and was undergoing dialysis.




Television actor Ashiesh Roy

Actor Ashiesh Roy passed away due to kidney failure on Tuesday. He was 55. Roy had been keeping unwell for a while and was admitted to the ICU in a Mumbai hospital in May this year.

Ashiesh Roy’s staff member confirmed the news. He told that the actor died at his home.

“He collapsed around 3.45 am. He had a kidney ailment and his dialysis was also going on but he had gotten better in the last few weeks… His sister will arrive from Kolkata in the evening. A call on funeral will be then taken,” the staff member said.

The Cine & TV Artistes’ Association (CINTAA) expressed solidarity for Ashiesh Roy via a social media post. “#CINTAA expresses its deepest condolence on the demise of Shri Ashiesh Roy (Member since: January 2003)” CINTAA’s Facebook post read.

In May, Ashiesh Roy had announced on social media that he was on dialysis and even sought financial assistance. “I am in the ICU… Very ill. Dialysis,” Ashiesh Roy first wrote on Facebook, followed by another post that read, “Need your urgent money for dialysis (sic).”

Read: TV actor Ashiesh Roy hospitalised, seeks aid from fans

Following Ashiesh Roy’s social media posts, filmmaker Hansal Mehta also requested film bodies to provide financial assistance to the ailing actor. Hansal Mehta tweeted, “Actor Ashish Roy (Bond) is seriously ill, on dialysis and in the ICU. He has appealed for financial help on FB. I’m doing all I can to help. Can industry associations also help the ailing actor?”

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Comedian Bharti Singh, husband Haarsh Limbachiyaa granted bail in drugs case

While Bharti Singh was arrested on Saturday, Haarsh was taken into custody on Sunday. The NCB told the Esplanade court that the two have confessed to consuming ganja. Singh is said to have told officers that she would smoke weed procured by her husband.




Bharti Singh Haarsh Limbachiyaa

A Mumbai court on Monday granted bail to comedian Bharti Singh and husband Haarsh Limbachiyaa in a drugs case. The couple, who was arrested by the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) following the seizure of ganja from their house, was sent to judicial custody till December 4.

While Bharti was arrested on Saturday, Haarsh was taken into custody on Sunday. The NCB told the Esplanade court that the two have confessed to consuming ganja. Singh is said to have told officers that she would smoke weed procured by her husband. Limbachiyaa said that he purchased ganja from one peddler and that he would keep one bag of the contraband at his office and another at his house for consumption.

Search operations were carried out at the couple’s properties following a tip-off. The NCB recovered a bag with 65 gram of ganja from Limbachiyaa’s production house in Versova. Later, another search was carried out at his residence, Oberoi Springs in Andheri, from where another bag consisting 21.5 gram of cannabis and unaccounted cash of Rs 1.49 lakh were seized.

NCB officials said they had recently arrested a 21-year-old man from Khar Danda area, who was allegedly involved in drug trafficking. During his interrogation, names of Singh and Limbachiyaa had come up, after which raids were carried out at their residence, said an NCB official.

Singh and Limbachiya have been booked under sections 20(b)(ii)(A) (involves small quantity of drugs) and 8(c) (possession of drugs) and 27 (consumption of drugs) of the NDPS Act.

Singh, who has appeared in several popular television comedy shows, currently hosts another comedy show named Khatra Khatra Khatra with her husband.

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