What makes men attracted towards women?


Women constantly struggle with trying to adopt traits the world tells them they should have in order for men to find them attractive.

While it is unfair to generalize women’s traits on a grand scale, we have come up with a small list of habits of women that many men express they are looking for in women. Not only do these traits appeal to a potential love interest, but they only help to further compliment the person they are attached to.

Here are five lovely qualities that all good men will always find attractive in women:

1. Confidence
With the pressure for women to live up to society’s ideas about who they should be, it is nice to see women who recognize they are awesome being exactly who they are.

2. Independent
We hear about it in so many songs and on so many movies, the independent woman. There will always be something appealing about a person who can take care of themselves. It shows initiative, strength of mind, and determination in a world that often loves to see us fail! Men who are seeking women to build a future with want a woman doesn’t constantly need support.

cropped-girl5-wefornew3. Expressing her own opinions
Some boys feel threatened by women who are confident enough to express what they think, but men welcome it. No one likes to hear other people’s opinions all the time, but when it is from someone we care about we often seek theirs. Men value and seek to find a woman who is willing to express herself intellectually and rationally.expessive 55-wefornews

4. Being caring 
Men want to feel like they are cared for. No, this doesn’t mean that women should be expected to live up to the domesticated persona that preceded them in time, but men do like to have a woman who shows concern and is willing to provide them with comfort and concerncaring22-wefornews5. Honesty
Men and women want honesty in their relationships always. It breeds loyalty and trust. But even more, men want a woman who isn’t scared to be honest in every part of her life and her relationship. Whether it is being honest with him or herself, men admire a woman who is comfortable enough to always be honest.

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