What kind of Hindu is PM? He doesn’t understand foundation of Hinduism: Rahul Gandhi

rahul gandhi

Udaipur, Dec 1: Congress President Rahul Gandhi attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday and asked what kind of a Hindu he is that he does not understand the foundations of Hinduism.

“It is fascinating for me that what is the essence of Hinduism. You please study Hinduism. What does Gita say? It says that Knowledge is with everybody. Knowledge is all around you. Our Prime Minister says that I am a Hindu but he does not understand the foundation of Hinduism.

“What kind of Hindu he is? That is the contradiction,” Gandhi said during an interaction with the business community and professionals here.

The Gandhi also made a revelation that surgical strike was carried out three times during former prime minister Manmohan Singh’s tenure but no one came to know about it as the Indian Army had asked it to be kept as a secret.

Gandhi said, “Do you know that like Mr Narendra Modi’s surgical strike, Manmohan Singh Ji did that 3 times? When Army came to Mr Manmohan Singh and said we need to retaliate against Pak for what they’ve done they also said we wanted to be secret, for our own purposes.”


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