What about embracing diversity in India: Sibal questions PM Modi

Kapil Sibal

New Delhi, June 6 : Senior Congress leader and Former Union minister Kapil Sibal on Wednesday posted a tweet questioning Prime Minister Narendra Modi when he will allow Indians to embrace diversity in India.

Sibal was pointing to the Modi’s keynote address at Shangri-la dialogue where Prime Minister Narendra Modi hailed the success of Singapore and  extolled the virtues of a law-based society, openness and pluralism, civilisation founded on compassion, a rights-based global order where everyone can thrive.

Attacking PM Modi, Kapil Sibal tweeted,”Singapore embraces diversity at home and seeks an inclusive world outside: So said our PM , praising Singapore’s success.Give us that Shangri-La moment in India also Modiji : What about embracing diversity in our home !

The Congress leader made a satirical remark on Prime Minister demanding “Give us that Shangri-La moment in India also Modiji.”


At Singapore Shangri-La Dialogue, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said of Singapore, “and when they embrace diversity at home, they seek an inclusive world outside.” The implication was that intolerance and fear of diversity at home is intimately linked with creating an exclusionary world order.



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