Wearable sensor can analyse sweat for disease


Washington, April 18: A wristband-type wearable sweat sensor have developed by US researchers which could help diagnose cystic fibrosis, diabetes and other diseases.

The sensor collects sweat, measures its molecular constituents and then electronically transmits the results for analysis and diagnostics through a smartphone, Xinhua news agency reported on Monday.

In the previous device, person has to sit still for a long time while it collects sweat from them.

The wearable device is a two-part system of flexible sensors and microprocessors that sticks to the skin, stimulates the sweat glands and then detects the presence of different molecules and ions based on their electrical signals.

Conventional methods for diagnosing cystic fibrosis, patient sits for 30 minutes while electrodes stimulate sweat glands in their skin to provide sweat for the test.

The wearable sweat sensor stimulates the skin to produce minute amounts of sweat, quickly evaluates the contents and beams the data by way of a cellphone to a server that can analyze the results, said Carlos Milla, Associate Professor at Stanford University.

It helps in measuring the level of sodium, potassium ions and lactate in sweat.

“Sweat is hugely amenable to wearable applications and a rich source of information,” said co-author Ronald Davis, Professor at Stanford University.

It could be integrated into a smartwatch in future for broad population monitoring.

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