Wear your fashion statement in 2019

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Discover the trends and take note of the men, women and children’s clothes and accessories to wear in 2019.

Top off your look in 2019 with this statement style. There will be some retro trends that will emerge back in 2019 as every 30 years. Trends this season will be celebrating more individuality and self-expression. Also, the unconventional forms of tailoring will go more popular in 2019. Now a day along with women, men and kids also have their own fashion sense and follow the trends. Below are some of the fashion trends that will be seen more in fashion in 2019.

Men’s style -wear in 2019

Men will look their best with joggers and ankle fit trousers that will be in trend in 2019. The fabric that will look best for men chanderi, silk, pashmina really work well for different forms respectively. Men are also known to have become conscious about their looks as the jewelry they wear. For men the rose gold chunky dialled watches, knitted leather strap bracelets, quirky tiepins and cufflinks, fancy eyeglasses, matching wallet and leather belts will be in fashion and that they will love to flaunt.

Women’s style- wear in 2019

Women will be wearing high waist pants with tucked in blouses, flare pants with kaalidars. Ladies will be using more of georgette; crepes are flattering for formal wear, chanderi, modal satin for semiformal and casual cotton and mull in their fabrics. Women are fond of accessories and jewelry as much as they are of clothes, the uncut jewelry for traditional wear will be a hot favourite for women in 2019. And diamond studded or geometric bold motifs in metal form – earrings, cocktail rings, etc. will also be seen worn of more.

Kids Style – wear in 2019

For kids, the best fabrics are the skin friendly and soft fabrics that are ideal. In kids wear brands have to care more about the quality, safety, and sustainability. The fabric used mostly for kids wear has to be organic and natural. Bold floral colors look good on kids and they will be in fashion too. Shades of burnt-orange, tan, mustard, copper etc. look very nice on kids. Also, now a day’s combination of these colors is in fashion. Sometimes even a mismatch of warm and cool colors with bold colours will look good and be in fashion too.

Asymmetric tunics and Kurtas in traditional wear for both men and women will be in fashion. As per Pantone colour forecast, the trend-setting colours for men, women and kids will be burnt orange, deep red, saffron, coral, fuxia pink, leaf green, golden yellow, and navy blue.

Benita Vira Sahani,(Cofounder of Studio CASA 9) says that, “Some of the must-haves in 2019 in the wardrobe will be classic straight fit blue denim also chinos are growing trends nowadays, a white shirt, a black formal shirt for men is must, some are opting for silk floral print and large texture to play the summer vibes; women will be knee-length dresses or skirts for western formals, classic straight fit tunics and pencil pants for traditional occasions. Fashion is no more just about wearing good clothes but also have the perfect footwear, lifestyle, accessories, makeup, hairstyle etc. Your fashion should be your style statement, be in trend in 2019 and look and feel the best for inside and outside too.”

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