We will not return Kohinoor to India: UK

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Although the NDA government has been putting effort to bring the priced kohinoor to India.is discussing ways to mount a campaign to get the prized diamond back from the UK.


Responding to a question on Kohinoor, Sharma, on his maiden visit within a week of taking charge, said, “It is the UK government’s (view) that there are no legal grounds for restitution.”

He was referring to the UN convention on restitution of cultural property, which has been the guiding principle on such matters since it was adopted in 1970.

The supreme court In April, had made a submission that the diamond was neither “forcibly taken nor stolen” by the British, but given as a “gift” to the East India Company by the rulers of Punjab. However, after receiving flak for its stand, the government had said all efforts would be made to get back the diamond estimated to cost over USD 200 million.

The ownership dispute for this priced diamond has been claimed by at least four countries, including India. Kohinoor, meaning mountain of light, is a large, colourless diamond that was found in southern India in early 14th century, and is currently in display at Tower of London.

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