We need PMC “Prime Minister’s commitment” to resolve the PMC crisis: Kapil Sibal

Kapil Sibal PC On Economy

Delhi: Senior Congress leader and Rajya Sabha MP Kapil Sibal’s Press briefing.


Nobody pays heed to the reality in India, Maharashtra and Haryana or the condition of farmers, the poor. Modi ji has forgotten the promises made to the common man in the constitution, he only remembers Article 370.

The International Monetary Fund on 15 October 2019 said, the earlier GDP projection of 7% is at 6.1% today. Our economy is in crisis. World Bank on 13 October 2019 said 6% growth will be recorded as opposed to 6.8% announced earlier.

Fitch ratings for June 2019 says GDP growth rate would be 6.6%, they have cut it down too. OECD Sep 2019 says the growth will be 5.9%, UN Conference on Trade and Development said growth will be 6% not 7.4%. Asian Development bank says it will be 6.5% and not 7%.

Rating agency Standard & Poor in Oct 2019 says GDP will be 6.3% not 7.8%. Moody’s Investors Service cut the GDP forecast to 5.8%. International agencies tracking GDP says there is a slowdown.

While Piyush Goyal ji says there is no slowdown and that Nobel laureate economist Abhijit Banerjee is ‘left-leaning’. Are the IMF, World Bank and other international agencies left leaning too?

Your leader Subramanian Swamy said and I quote ‘while it is undeniable, the reality that the economy is headed for a serious crisis’, are his views left leaning too? Why are you mocking the poor, they are struggling to make ends meet.

India’s rank has slipped on global competitiveness index to 68 from 60. Global Hunger Index in 2013-14 was 99 now it’s 103. We’ve slipped in world happiness report from 117 to 140. We were at 27 in global democracy index now we are at 42, democracy is also in danger.

You care about 370 but you have no idea what’s happening to your children, 93% are not getting nutrition. You don’t know how to look at governance or public because you look at everything from Savarkar’s point of view.

We respect everyone that participated in our freedom struggle be it Savarkar or anyone else. But you have to decide if you are a follower of Gandhi ji or Savarkar.

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