We have to regain trust of all: PM Modi to NDA MPs

Narendra Modi
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi Pic (Election Rally)

New Delhi, May 2: After being elected as the leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party as well as the NDA, PM Narendra Modi thanked the MPs of the National Democratic Alliance and said that time has come to regain the trust of minorities who were betrayed for years for political interests.

Narendra Modi said the minorities of the country have for years been betrayed for political interests. “We have to regain trust of all,” he said. “We are for the ones who votes for us and we are also for the ones who did not vote for us.”

He welcomed the newly-elected NDA MPs in the Parliament, congratulating the first-time MPs as well.
Modi said, “You all deserve greetings but those elected for the first time deserve an even bigger one. I offer all of you my greetings.” He told the NDA MPs, “We jointly transformed India.”

“People have accepted us due to our ‘seva bhav’. One has to prepare oneself to be always ready to help people even when you move through the lanes of politics and power,” Prime Minister Modi said.

Stressing that the voters had chosen the NDA leaders for their hard work, PM Modi said that a big mandate meant “more responsibility” for the government. He added that the 2019 elections was about “inclusive India.” He added, “People have restored faith is us. It is their trust that has led to the pro-incumbency wave in the polls.” Modi said, “I’m talking to you after bowing before the constitution, there can not be a ‘bhed-rekha’ for a people’s representative. We are here for those who trusted us today. We are here for those too whose trust we are yet to win.”

PM Modi added that polls were like a “pilgrimage” for him. He noted that the BJP had got 25% more votes in the 2019 polls than it had got in the 2014 elections and said that “NDA was a successful model of the coalition.”

Stating that “energy and synergy” was the mantra of the incoming NDA government, PM Modi also coined a new acronym – NARA – which stands for “National Ambition + Regional aspiration.”

PM Modi also implored the NDA MPs to end “the VIP culture”, saying that “nation does not like VIP culture.”

Hitting out at the opposition, PM Modi said that in the minority communities have been “misled” and have been “used as vote bank.” However, he added that the NDA “believes in inclusivity.” “We don’t believe in discrimination,” he said.

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