We do not need your New India, we need ‘Gandhi’s India’: Ghulam Nabi Azad in Rajya Sabha

Retaliating against Amit Shah’s first speech in Rajya Sabha, Leader of the opposition, Ghulam Nabi Azad started his motion of thanks with a jibe on Shah for not mentioning Sardar Patel’s name in the speech.

Replying to BJP, Azad said that the Modi is the government is not game changer they are just namechangers. Azad said that this government has changed just names of the schemes launched by the Congress and packaged it as their own.

He said that nobody knows repackaging better than Modi Government.

The leader of the opposition also pointed out government’s failure in many areas including Kashmir, unemployment, farmers, corruption, Women Empowerment.

Speaking on farmers the leader said, “Modi government is giving a new lollipop to farmers of doubling their income by 2022, they failed to implement their previous promise.”

Whereas as on Modi’s pet project skill India, he said,”Startup India stood up but never materialised, Skill India became kill India, said Azad in Rajya Sabha. The government is yet to create 10 crore jobs, in 2015 employment generation was lowest in comparison to last five years. In 2017 BJP defeated the record for employment generation with not a single job.”

Pointing out the disastrous situation of law and order and crimes against women in BJP ruled states, Azad said,”Targetting BJP on crime in various states, Azad says BJP ruled states like Haryana has become the hub of criminal activities, gruesome rapes happening with minor and innocent girls. What kind of New India are we developing? If this is the new India give us our old India.”

Taking Kashmir into consideration, the leader of opposition stated that Modi Government is the weakest government in 70 years. The maximum number of security personnel, armed forces personnel and civilians have died under your government in last three years.

The leader also showed Congress’s support for banning Triple Talaq, he said We support triple talaq. But, the second part which talks about sentencing the husband under a criminal act, we do not support this part. You first divided Shia Sunni by your polarisation, now you are dividing husband and wife.

While ending his speech, the leader said,”Return us our old Bharat, we do not need your New India, we need Gandhi’s India where Hindu and Muslim were together. Return us the India, where a four-month-old child is not raped. Return us our old India.


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