We are here to change the ‘Constitution’ says, Ananth Kumar Hegde

Anantkumar Hegde
Anant kumar Hegde

Union minister Ananth Kumar Hegde on Sunday( 24th December) said one should be identified by their caste and religion instead of their secular values.

Addressing an event in Koppal district of Karnataka the Union Minister, said, “If you say you are a Muslim, Christian etc I feel proud that you have a connection with your religion/caste, but who are these so-called seculars? Seculars don’t have any parentage.”

“Seculars don’t know what their blood is.Yes, the constitution has given that right to say ” we are secular and we will say it ” Yes I know but Constitution has been amended many times, we will also amend it, we have come to power for that,” he added.

The Hindu newspaper also quoted him saying,” “Progressive thinkers do not know about history, tradition, and culture. Those who themselves have erred are trying to blame others for their mistakes.”

Meanwhile, the Karnataka Chief minister slammed the Union minister saying that he doesn’t respect the constitution.
“I do not want to stoop to his level. We know our language and culture. He is a Union minister, but spits venom” he added.


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