We are committed to work for the integrity of the country: Iqbal Ahmad

We should unite and create an atmosphere of cooperation and brotherhood for the progress of our country
Iqbal Ahmad
Iqbal Ahmad (Muscat, Oman)

Aligarh, June 16: The BSc (Honours) in Physics 1994 batch alumni of the Aligarh Muslim University (AMU), said that when people can end British rule in India then “we should unite and create an atmosphere of cooperation and brotherhood for the progress of our country,”

Iqbal Ahmed said, “National sovereignty and integrity is paramount and we should unite to reduce the poverty of the country and work together for the progress and prosperity of the country.”

Iqbal Ahmad

“As the people saved India from the Britishers, in the same manner, we all should unite to save the country from divisional politics,” he said during the silver jubilee reunion function held at the department of physics.

These illustrious alumni from different fields, far and wide, one by one came to the podium and shared their achievements in life, the heights they have acquired and all the struggles they did to reach where they are currently.

Iqbal Ahmad (Muscat, Oman), Abdul Basit (Aligarh), Ajmal Sufiyan, (Chicago, USA), Akhtar Malik (Allahabad), Ashutosh Kumar (Pune), Faiz-e-Nabi Rizvi (Aligarh), Fouran Singh (New Delhi), Mohammad Salim (New Delhi), Naushad Ahmad Khan (New Delhi), Rekha Chandra (New Delhi) SSZ Ashraf (Aligarh), Waseem Bari (Srinagar), Zulqarnain Mohammad Khan (Agra) and others got emotional, sharing stories and remembering golden days spent in AMU.

Iqbal Ahmad Group Pic Award

“We all are elated visiting the University after 25 long years. It is a proud moment as wherever we stand right now, we owe it entirely to AMU and our teachers,” said Ajmal Sufiyan.

The alumni felicitated faculty members, Prof S K Singh, Prof Rahimullah Khan, Prof M Afzal Ansari, Prof Zafar Ali Khan, Prof M Shoeb, Prof Hassan Shahid Rizvi, Prof Tauheed Ahmad, Prof Isar Rizvi, Prof B P Singh, Prof Mohammad Sajjad Athar and Dr Abdul Raheem Khan.

Department of Phy AMU

Meanwhile, tributes were paid to the deceased faculty members.

Professor Tauheed Ahmad, chairman, department of physics delivered the opening remarks, while Dr Waseem Bari welcomed the guests. Naushad Ahmad Khan proposed the vote of thanks.

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