Watch: World Kickboxing Gold medalist Tajamul Islam urges J&K Govt to provide facilities


Jammu and Kashmir, 16 March: Showing the reality behind hollow statements, a World Kickboxing Championship Gold medalist Tajamul Islam via FB exposed the real pictures of the development in Jammu and Kasmir.

What we call to a pathetic condition was shown in the video by a minor athlete who has won Gold on the international level for India. In the Video, the hall can be seen in such a deteriorating condition.

What quality of the Indoor administration they are getting was cleared in the video where Tajamul Islam is urging the state government to provide some facilities so that the other players can learn and grab the opportunity to win the matches.

The gold winner also requested the government to set up an indoor academy for the athletes.

When no athlete manages to bring Gold everyone starts cursing and accusing the player but if somebody put all their efforts and shine India’s name across the world what they get in return can be seen in the footage shared by the athlete.

Wefornews Bureau

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