Watch! What happens when women can’t say their husband’s name


New Delhi, August 2: Hanji, suno, Muniya K papa is still very common in small towns. The tradition is continously pass on to daughters, daughter-in-laws and even granddaughters.

The reason behind the concept is if you call your husband by his name reduces his aayu (age) and the ladies dont want to upset the God.

But, gone are the days when women can’t say their husband’s names. In today’s world where life is fast and both men and women are equal, they dont believe in these rituals rather call it a myth.

In a survey, when the women first called their husband’s name they felt shy – a baby step towards the glorious goal of dismantling patriarchy.

Watch video of The Quint, how these women from Maharashtra feel when they say their husband’s name for the first time.

Even for sharing a bed for thirty years and yet unable to utter husband’s name is symptomatic.

When the village women started to call their husband by name other village members taunted – “Pehle naam lengi, fir sindoor lagana band kar dengi… yeh sab nahin chalega, apni patni ko kass kar rakho (First they will take your name, then they will avoid wearing sindoor; this can’t happen, rein your wife in).”

While we go about battling for equality, let’s not forget the women who still don’t have the freedom to use their husband’s name.

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