Watch: Thief attacks woman, snatches her jewellery, phone in Delhi

delhi thief attack woman

New Delhi, Aug 5: In a shocking incident, a woman was attacked and her jewellery and mobile phone was snatched by two thieves in Delhi’s Mansarovar Park area. 

News agency ANI posted a video of the shocking act which was captured in a CCTV camera installed nearby.

The incident took place last Sunday, on July 29 at around 8.20 pm.

In the CCTV footage, a woman is seen walking down a narrow lane while a man follows her. Soon, he grabs her from behind and holds her by the neck. He then puts his hand her on the mouth to stop her from screaming. The woman tries to get away but is overpowered by the man who snatches her phone and jewellery. In the meantime, a man drives past them on a motorcycle, without bothering to look to them.

After the man succeeds in snatching away the woman’s belongings, he runs towards the end of the street where the man on the motorcycle is waiting for him.

At the end of the one minute five seconds-video, the helpless woman is finally seen managing to get up and look for anyone who could help her.

Meanwhile, the police have registered a case and are investigating the matter.


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