Watch: Sarpanch’s family thrashes sisters in Haryana’s Rewari

Haryana, 19 May: Does being a man allows you to cross the limits? What we call a man-dominating society is shown with incidents that not just cross the limits but also crush the dignity of a woman.

Haryana remains always in limelight for its crime cases against women, the recent Rohtak gangrape case which led an outcry in all around the country.

This time again a women’s respect was crushed down by the people in power after a Sarpanch’s family was seen thrashing two sisters after a brawl.

The incident held when two sisters objected to the height of drain in front of their house in Haryana’s Rewari. Soon the heated argument turned into a scuffle and angry men started thrashing woman as can be seen in the video.

If someone has the power to administer it does not mean they can play with a woman’s esteem and behave like this.

Also, the question arises here, if the one who takes a decision, himself becomes the culprit then who will serve justice?

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