WATCH: How woman saves her dignity from being scrunched


A 25-year-old girl whose dignity could be crushed by a man but the woman showed her strength to save her from being gripped in wrong hands.

As the woman was groped by an unidentified man who lifted her from back and took her to an under-construction building where he attempted to rape her.

The incident took place in Katriguppe on April 23. She was abducted when she was talking over phone in front of her paying guest accommodation. The girl alleged that the PG owner and his relatives resisted her from lodging a complaint. She also alleged that police neglected the incident.

According to the victim, she was dropped by her friend near the PG then after She got a call from her friend. She was taking to him while standing on the road. A person who followed her and groped her from behind and ‘lifted’ her to an under-construction building next to her PG.bengalore-wefornewsThe girl started screaming for help and tried to escape from him. Soon around four people ran towards the under-construction building, but none of them helped the girl from the pervert. “I will identify him if I see him, I want the person to be arrested, says the victim of Bengaluru kidnapping case.

The girl herself fought with him and he finally left her and escaped in fear of getting caught by the public. The entire incident from lifting girl and taken around the corner was captured on CCTV.

The jurisdiction police Channammanakere Acchakattu police were rushed when they were alarmed about the incident. They asked the girl and PG owner to file a complaint. Allegedly the complaint was not filed because the PG owner insisted not to. The police are now taking up a suo moto case.

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