Watch CCTV video: How a spoil brat hits an innocent man?

The horrifying CCTV footage of Mercedes hit and run case in Delhi has now come to light.

In the video it is clearly visible that the man in red t-shirt hitted by a speeding silver Mercedes.

The victim who was hitted by a speeding car named Siddharth Sharma while the car was driven by a 17-year old minor in Delhi’s Civil Lines area.

When marketing executive Siddharth Sharma was crossing the road near his home, he was hit by the car. The impact of the accident drastically was so fast that Siddharth jumped to 15-20 feet before hitting the ground.

He was rushed to the hospital where he succumbed to his injuries. The car was driven by an underage class 12th student which is registered in the name of his father.

According to some eyewitnesses, at the time of the fatal accident, there were nearly 7-8 minors inside the car who flee away after the accident. The owner of the car is said to be a builder by profession. The accident took place on Monday evening and the CCTV footage has come out now that siddharth’s family has released it.

On Wednesday, the police booked the owner of the car and his minor son for the accident. The man who had been hired as the driver of the car is also likely to be booked in the case for misleading the police in the investigation.


The victim’s sister Shilpa has alleged that the police “did not do anything” in the initial stage of the probe and only talked about “protocols”.

The minor driver who turns 18 in another five days was taken into custody on Tuesday, but had to be released on bail in accordance with juvenile laws.

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